As I sit here on my lunch break at work tonight

I dig into the first pot pie I’ve had in years 

Daydream of my childhood 

When my mom would make pot pies for dinner 

When we had blueberry pie and vanilla ice cream for a treat 



I didn’t know then

What a simple pot pie would mean to me now 



I didn’t know before

The warmth of this pot pie 

Would also bring warmth to my heart 



Remembrance of the family I lost

The time we had together 

The aroma of laughter 

And a stomach full of stability and peace 



Pot pies, apparently remind me of my mother 

Of the days when she was my mommy 

Of the long evenings playing in the backyard 

Of the living room workouts 

Of the halloween costumes that she would make from scratch

Of the movie dates 

Of karate class

When she would cheer me on from the side lines hoping I would eventually throw a punch

Of the leotards for gymnastics 

Of the cartwheels I couldn’t do

Of the long sushi lunch



It all reminds me of her

Of my little hand in hers 

Of our chubby fingers 

And our chubby toes 



Laughing about the little things that only her and I know



Pot pies remind me a lot of my mother 



When she would call us in for dinner 

Dance her way around 

With hugs strong enough to smother



When she would sit us all down 

Sing her way to the freezer

And then surprise us with dessert






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She Wondered if He Ever Spoke of Her Like That

All she wanted was to feel his finger tips 

She wanted to hear songs about their future

She wanted see the score wrap around their bodies as he spoke of all the ways he loved her 

She wanted nothing more than to be aroused by the tales of his day

The plans that he’s made 

The blueprint of his life that had her etched into every corner 

She wanted to feel his lips between hers 




She hungered for him 

Not only his skin 

And his kisses 

Or the way that he looked at her 

She hungered for his mind and his strength 

His vulnerability 

His passion 

His erudite rant on all the things she once knew nothing of 

Or even cared to know 

Watching his wheels turn as he spoke of all the things he loved 

The details of every manufacturer, the rational for every dip and turn 

The intricacies of every click and clack 

The admiration of the beauty and the perfection 

She wondered, 

if he ever spoke of her like that 

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The Petals of the Rose I Am Born

I am defeated 


The petals of the rose I am born 


In the way she lacks to stand 

The spine 

Her fibers once full of hydration 

Cannot bear to hold her up 

She is thirsty 

Days she went without satisfying the quench 

Days she needed to replenish 

But she lay there wilted 

Not saying a word 


Falling apart 


For the inability to fight back 

I call defeat 

I throw in the towel 

I raise my white flag 

I have nothing left in me 

To fight for what my heart longed for 

You win, my love 

Forgive me

I do not have the strength anymore 

You Saw a Pretty Thing and You Wanted to Break it

You Saw a Pretty Thing and You Wanted to Break it




Porcelain made 

Fragile written on it 




You peered Into the windows 

And you felt the warmth 

Radiating from the hearth 




You sought comfort 

In the man you thought you deserved 




As you felt around the doors and windows




Checked the hinges 

Checked the boards 




You saw a hidden crack beneath the floor 




You seeped your way in 




Not carefully 



Not  quietly 



You seeped in flooding  

You broke through the crack entirely 



You tried to warm your hands upon the open fire 



You burned yourself 



Fighting for the one thing that you desired



You saw a pretty thing 

And you wanted to destroy it 



You took that porcelain made home 

And you dropped it 




When You Saw The World As Beautiful

When you saw the world as beautiful

then watched it tear right down the seams

Nothing is ever as beautiful

As you hoped for it to be

She Said Your Name Yesterday

She said your name yesterday

I had forgotten about the good days

Four years had already passed

I didn’t think of us much

Memories were filtered by my teeth
As I vented back then
about the days my heart broke

The disgusting taste that was left on my tongue
As I flossed the plaque away

The tears
Carotid artery disease
As the poison clogged
the path in which my blood
Could run

Restricted blood flow

I once couldn’t breathe

then I found happiness
Living in the life
That was void of

she said you name yesterday

She reminded me of the way
We spent every lazy day

She reminded me of the way
We cuddled on the couch
movie after movie

Of the way you caressed my cheek in the middle of a party
To make sure I knew I was loved

I remembered how you stayed in bed with me until I fell asleep
Even when you had company

You were never afraid to hold my hand

You were proud to call me yours

You were dangerous
and it was good for me

Like comfort food
You were a fireplace
And a warm blanket

But you were lightning
As well as thunder

I didn’t know you would cause my storm

I said your name to her yesterday
I really had forgotten about the good days
And for a moment
She made me forget all about the bad

But you did cause my storm
Your fire burned down my home

And I built my new life
Without you

An introverted dreamer that doesn’t want her madness to be silenced 💋

This Wasn’t Her First Time

This wasn’t her first time
She knew what she was doing to herself
What she didn’t know was what she was doing to the ones around her

She looked back at a text message
“I can’t do this anymore”
She asks
“Did I write this? When?!”

He tells her
“Right before”

He tried to persuade her to eat a little more

“I’m depressed”

She says

He puts her favorite show
She reaches out her hand to feel his skin
He tries so hard to stay reassuring

The way he looks at her while she’s sleeping
The sadness​ in his eyes
Longing for the woman he fell in love with
The wish that he could take her pain away

He loves her so much
She knows she loves him too

Just sometimes

Her depression doesn’t let it matter

Do Not Let That Monster Out

I wonder sometimes

How you smile throughout the day

As you live in your façade

Preaching for others to live their life

As you flaunt yours


Do not forget that I know

What lies beneath your skin

I know the creature being held back

By your dental veneer jail cell

The beautiful smile you flash

As that jaw is clenched

“do not let that monster out”

You tell yourself


Don’t forget

I know what lies within your heart

Your favorite paintings

Are those where your eyes are shut

Because you cannot stand to see the reflection

Of your soul

Seeping through the canvas

The fear of the realization of your dark heart

Frightens you


Who are you?

If you are not caring

If you are not selfless

If your heart has not been touched by darkness


Don’t forget

I know what you are capable of

And if I were you

I wouldn’t want to look at my reflection


All Of A Sudden I Hear Your Voice

Flipping through the stationary pictures
Smelling the dress you left behind
Reading the words you left on paper
Collecting the scraps of what is left of you

All of a sudden I hear your voice
Radiating from the pinpoint speakers of my phone

I hear your laughter

I hear you giggle

Tears streamed from my eyes

But I must say

It was such a



Fandago’s One Word Challenge




He Is My Full Moon, He shines Bright For Me


you scream

It’s the only definition you could think of

For the reason she stays there,


“Must be some kind of pleasure she gets”

You think,

“to be teased as she does”

You watch her

Looking up at the dreams she has built

Heart growing with each pump

Practically glowing from her chest

As she awaits the arrival

Only to watch it be torn from the sky

You see her

Not a flinch

But silently

You gasp in horror

As she crouches on all fours

Bones cracking

Skin ripping

You watch

As she howls at the moon

“all you have to do is walk away”

You say

“the sun will never stop being torn away every night,
The moon will not ever stop being full at least once”

You claim

“this cycle will never change!

You say

“just walk away”

She looks at you

Tears in her eyes

Dampening the soul

She shed

Sprawled out on the floor

“but he is my full moon”

She whimpers

“he shines bright for me”

She whispers

“he makes me feel alive”

She cries

With all hope gone

You hide your face to say

Just walk away”

Pit In My Stomach, Where It Seems My Heart Has found a New Home

Those moments reappear

at times
the most unexpected



Like being hit by a semi

Heart drops

Tear drops

Pit in my stomach
Where it seems my heart
Has found a new home

She likes to find herself
On this trampoline

That feeling


And the loss of ground while falling





Each time breaking

Little tears

Mini scars


Heart failure

Working so hard

Just to feel alive

Just to feel


I may be nothing but a stranger

To the girl I met today,

I want you to know,

that I feel your torment.


In the way that you evade my eyes

in the way that your eyes gloss over


with the pink tinge of a girl that has cried

from the full of the moon

till it blessed us with its smile.


I know you are hurt.

I want you to know that you are not alone.


the crackle in your voice

caused by sobbing,

a throat, exhausted by the howling


I know that you are void of all happiness.

I have been there too.


your anger is too full right now,

your sadness is more

cavernous than the oceans combined,


but I am here


my small talk;

my attempts to distract you

from the agony you are feeling,


my venture to convince you that

I am right there beside you


I am trying to let you know

I have felt it,


I have lived it more than once,

and I am alive and well today.


everything will be okay.

I know


I know that you will not believe me

just like I didn’t believe myself.


I know that there are no words,

no utterances, that will make you believe otherwise.


at least not until the anger subsides


But to the girl that I met today,

I just want to tell you how beautiful you really are


that his actions do not define you.


his deceit is not a repercussion of your worth.


the moment you heard the truth

that pit in your stomach, hollow hearted, emptiness

you feel


will not be what you will feel forever

I know


I want to embrace you

but, I am but a stranger


there is a boundary and a wall

and I know you will cringe to hear my love story


to the girl I met today..


you will be okay.



a wonderfully mended heart


This was also written on September 27 2016

 The end of my last relationship heightened all kinds of insecurities.  “why wasn’t I good enough? why didn’t he want me?” I felt, unattractive, I felt, unwanted.  When I found myself on a dance floor and it brought back the feelings of happiness, and loving myself, and meeting my partner during that phase of rediscovery, really just was the cherry on top.


Who knew

that 2 years ago

When she stumbled into your classroom

She was Fresh from a broken heart

The bottoms of her feet


Raw from the journey

She reached The end of a chapter

But the beginning of a dream


as she danced to your movements

And mirrored your steps

As she closed her eyes and felt

Every beat of each song

It was As if it were the compression’s

Of a stranger

Fighting to bring her back to life


Each step she took

Was a painful reminder

That she took this journey on her own

That the beginning of her dream

Was the end of a lifetime

And the death of the person she once was


With each song

Class after class


Slowly but, so very surely

She Danced the bottoms of her feet rough

calloused from the voyage

But now thick

Made to endure


with every instrument that she heard

She was ignited

Her reflection

More beautiful in her eyes

Because although she may not have been enough then

In your songs

On your floor

She was glowing for the first time

In her life


when you looked in her eyes

You looked at her with such yearning

Such adoration

Who knew that she had never seen that look given to her before

Although she thought she had loved and was loved

The moment you looked at her, with exactly that gaze

She felt, the most beautiful, the most loved and wanted


You didn’t know

that she had a lifetime of insecurities

Built up within her

You didn’t know

The effect your singular glance would have upon her

You had no idea that the way you placed your hand

On the sides of her waist

Was so much bigger in her heart than the action that took place


Whether you meant it then

Or not

That moment will live in her forever

that in that decaying studio

With no kitchen

And mice running within the walls

You would give her the moment that would ultimately change her life forever

That you would pull her close and look in her eyes and she would know then


She is beautiful to someone

Sexy to someone

Good enough for someone

To give her the confidence to believe in it


for herself