Thoughts In The Night Time

How I wish there was an off switch the moment my head graced the pillow with its presence

But instead, I am left with a bombardment of thoughts and questions 

Things I am not prepared to answer 

Questions, I am still afraid to truly ask 

I wish there was an off switch

Synchronized with the lights 

So when I dimmed the room for relaxation, my mind grew foggy along with it 

Take The Armor Off Babe

She carries that shield as though the armor upon her chest may give way from multiple defenses

Crossbow in hand to ward off those that approach from enemy lines 

Daggers at the ready because sometimes they say to keep your friends close but your enemies closer


She spent so long trying to keep the dangers away, she forgot she also wasn’t letting love penetrate her skin.  

She didn’t realize that leaving the bandages on her wounds for too long were allowing them to fester

Trapping the insidious 

Killing all she thought she was protecting 


So, take the armor off babe


Let your heart breathe 

Take some weight off of your shoulders hun

I know that you have felt heavy for some time now 


Take the armor off babe 


Feel some sun on that skin

Start some healing from within

Feel his touch 

Because you need it just as much as he 

Soak in his love 

Because you both deserve for you to


Take off the armor babe


You are okay

I Promise you