This Fickle Heart Of Mine

The first thing that came to mind 

When reading the word VAULT

Was the inner workings of my heart 

Code to crack 

Difficult to get in

Thick walls 

But nearly indestructible 

My vault of a heart 

Holds all my deepest secrets 

All my memories 

All my pain 

Sometimes it’s 

Stronger than it’s own good 

Barring the storm 

keeping out the insane

This heart of mine 

Can be tricky 



But it loves with the strength 

Of the strongest metal

and once you get in

You are 


Word of the day challenge : VAULT

Isn’t It Curious

The universe tends to work in very mysterious ways 




To the right direction 

Sometimes it is the direction we desire 

Sometimes it’s in the direction that breaks your heart 

But it is very curious 

The way that the universe tends to work 

When we ask it

For answers 

#Fandango’s One Word Challenge : CURIOUS

The Thorns On My Salvation

They walk past me with mournful eyes

Shaking their heads in disappointment

“Why do you hold on so tight? 

The thorns piercing your skin? 

Your blood dripping so bright?”

They do not understand

There is no need to die 

Giving them my last breath 

As I lay him down

Tuck him in 

And shower him with light 

I watch him bloom

I watch him grow

And I know 

He is a keeper 

Word of the day challange : keeper


Every morning

the sun would rise 

Every morning 

That sun rose with pride 

Boasting in his brightness 

Full and larger than life 

He thought to himself 

“Every night, they are saddened with darkness, 

Every morning, they need me to light their way, 

I am what they wait for as their head touches their pillow,

My absence is what they dread as the day passes by” 

As 12 O’clock approaches he inflates to take up as much of the sky as he can

It is not to be egotistical 

He does not shine bright because he thinks he is the center of the universe 

O’ sun 

All he feels is joy 

The assumption that he is all we need to survive 

He doesn’t realize that 


As he stands tall 

As he holds strong 

Some of us wilt 

Some of us dry 

Some of us fall beneath the light 

And some of us die


A Flowered Crown Upon My Head

Walking along the stoney path

Fingers grazing the brick bridge wall 

I hear her humming 

The most feminine tune 

And I wonder what beauty I might befall 

I peer across

O’ I am so lucky to see 

And angel prancing along the meadow 

But then she stops to look at me 

The heat within me rises 

Feeling caught 

Red handed 


Like a peeping tom

I am guilty 

an eye 


Upon her storm 

She stands before me gawking 

I prepare for a slap across my cheek 

And then gently she places a flowered crown upon my head 

And curtseys in front of me 


I don’t understand why she stays so kind 

All she does is smile 

What a lucky lucky day this is 

Of mine 

“If She Loves You, She Can be Any Kind Of Tornado She Wants” -Fitz

She barreled through your life

Like a stampede 

She dismantled all your walls 

You fought to keep her out 

But she saw through that facade 

She made you uncomfortable 

She made you question 

She made it hard for you to breathe 

She tore through your life

And  made you want to leave

You opened your eyes 

You metamorphasized 

You broke through

You soared 

She made you never give up 

And She made you want more 

Little Did He Know

He said to me 

“You are being explosive ” 

Little did he know, 

There was a tornado inside me that I was holding back from  being released.

He said to me

“You are teetering on the edge”

Little did he know,

I tip-toed the tight-walk for miles before I got here

He doesn’t know I watched myself demolish this room

Ripped things off the walls

Flipped over every table 

Breaking every breakable thing 

As I sat on this bed engulfed with the fire within me

While sitting in the calm