Excuse My Crazy

I want to highlight this exceptional woman. She is superwoman. She just started her blog, and every post has been honest and raw. She is a fellow anxiety survivor. She is a mom sharing her journey. She has blown me away and I want you to be able to love and appreciate her as well.

The Mombie Blog

“Ugh, there you go crying again.”

“I’m tired and I don’t care.”

“Leave me alone stop talking to me, I have work in the morning and I don’t wana hear it.”

“Your a cry baby, full of drama, everyone says it, everyone talks about it.”

“There you go again saying crazy stuff that doesn’t make sense”



“You choose to argue, you choose to act crazy”

“You just want to pick a fight”

“Ughhhhhh leave me alone and don’t bother texting me tomorrow apologizing”

“You choose to be like this”

“What do you want!”

“Stop yelling and leave me alone”

“Your fine”

“Take your pills”


“Go lay down”

“Go to you mom’s house and cry to your parents”

I’m sorry I don’t know how to unload my anxiety

I’m sorry I want to Express myself so my chest…

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I received this message this morning as I woke up and the feeling of constant dread that I have had since taking my NCLEX suddenly faded away. This journey to my RN has been an extremely long one. Not just the prerequisite classes that I was taking in my early twenties, but from the beginning... Continue Reading →

Countdown To The NCLEX

For those of you that don’t know what the NCLEX is, it is a giant test that stands between you and your dream of being a nurse.  It is a test to verify that you have enough knowledge in that pretty little noggin’ of yours to provide safe and quality care to your patients.  It... Continue Reading →

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