He makes me feel beautiful

Its funny the way he treats me like treasure   As if he is blown away that I am even in his possession   As if Someone might try and steal me away at any moment   As if I may be made of gold   He jokes As if I fight away wolves on... Continue Reading →

Birthday Cake

I know it was just an Ice cream cake   But it really was so much more   It was the evisceration of all the sadness Spanning two failed relationships sitting within my gut   It was the eradication of ten years worth of broken promises   It was the first heartbeat that knew that... Continue Reading →

somewhere deep inside of me

Somewhere deep inside of me There is a glimmer of hope A spark of life An anchor Keeping me grounded Just to you   Somewhere deep inside of me Under years of confusion Beneath the rubble of many long fought wars Buried within the ashes of the reborn phoenix As it bursts into flames and... Continue Reading →

Goodbye : In One Word, a Whole Life is Erased

in a state of limbo during a time when I experienced the most change picking up my entire life for a new one Molding me into a robot working toward growth and improvement yet stagnant in life not wanting to let go because letting go means goodbye Because in one word, a whole life is... Continue Reading →

What is it that haunts you, boy?

What is it that haunts you, boy ? The acid that you spit from between your teeth The venom you conjure within your bowels Created by the hatred that you boil within Waiting for your top to explode What is it that is paining you, boy? I see between the hateful words that you spew... Continue Reading →


via The Daily Post: Uncompromising You Faceless joker Hooded creature You Core laugher Ice cold hugger You Uncompromising dealer Indian giver I said I want to make you a deal Give her more time You can have mine Do not walk away from me Eyeless sockets Do not look away from my glare You are... Continue Reading →


I hear the crack in her voice when she calls The happiness to hear me speak And the instant regret that I answered Because she will never see me again   She rushes off to say "I love you" And hangs up the phone   I am already in tears by the time I say... Continue Reading →

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