Words Running through my Fingertips

I’ve always believed that I had words running through my fingertips


like water through a faucet


throughout my life,

I’ve filled journal after journal


and the moment that you stepped into my life

I became a blank page


one that I could not seem to fill


you rendered me speechless

you disarmed me


unable to reload my ammo


my words morphed into emotions that I could no longer grasp


Feelings that I could no longer condense into something tangible


Thoughts that I could no longer sift through and create something as

Little as a poem


mere words could not project the tightness I feel within my chest


There is no joining of any letters that I could find to make you understand the way in which a thought of you removes all oxygen from my lungs


and the action of breathing suddenly feels labored.


How can I put into words

that being near you consumes me


pumps my body full of adrenaline

and my fingers tremble


How can i explain

that being with you transforms my legs

into nothing more than the the twigs of a seedling


My body weak

My senses enhanced


How do I tell you

that the thought of your smile warms my heart as I physically feel it swelling


Overwhelmed by the love and compassion you show me


Overflowing with the patience and care you constantly flow in my direction


You love me when I lose the strength to love myself


You have shown me what love really is

You have shown me what it feels like to be loved

You have shown me what it looks like to stare into the eyes of someone who is in love


You are my soulmate

You are my other half

You are the only one I see beside me

My partner in crime

My forever dance partner


You are my one and only





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