When you think you see me

Never Silence the Madness

When she comes

It may be indistinguishable to you

You glance at me

And I smile back in return

Not one dew drop on my skin

You imagine to yourself what kind of life I may have

You imagine the cupcakes I must eat for dinner

You imagine the sugar and spice I must sprinkle on every meal

You imagine the organized perfectly placed items on my desk

The friends I must surround myself with

The laughs I share

The memories I must have accumulated from the amazing life I lead

But you don’t know

You don’t know I’m tormented by something I want to call a she

Because what else could she be

She’s jealous

And controlling

She’s slick

And manipulative

She slithers gracefully

But a bite so poisonous

It creeps so slowly

Like Guillain-Barre

starting from my toes

Nerve by nerve

Muscle weakness

Lung paralysis

I cannot breathe

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Don’t lift me up to drop me 

Never Silence the Madness

I wrote this poem September 27, 2016

I had found a happiness  but  with the same breath of this poem, and the fear of losing the love, I eventually let my anxiety tear apart what had become amazing.

Don’t you lift me up to drop me…

Don’t you dare fill me to the brim just to knock me over

The time it took to fill me

Drip by drip

Compliment after affection

Good deed after kisses on foreheads

Factor in the evaporation  equation

The occasional sip

Don’t you dare resuscitate this dying heart of mine

Just to pull the plug as I dream

As the pressure builds within my chest and the butterflies

Fling themselves against the walls of my thoracic cavity

Please don’t  intubate me

When its apparent that I can’t catch my breath

Don’t be afraid that I will detonate as the pressure becomes to strong for me…

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Dating Someone with Anxiety

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I’m sorry that I Hate Her

I'm sorry that I hate her With every vein in my body I hate her Innocent bystander To your wrong doings You hurt me Yet here I stand Unwavering By your side when I see her Innocent bystander My blood boils My fists clench My heart drops to the pit of my stomach And I... Continue Reading →

We are all Liars to some Extent

Fraud via Daily Prompt: Fraud We are all liars to some extent Compulsive Manipulative Liars   I know I lie Every day That I tell the world that I am okay I lie with every picture that I take The smile As if I'm happy The laugh As if I know laughter   The posts... Continue Reading →

Words Running through my Fingertips

I’ve always believed that I had words running through my fingertips   like water through a faucet   throughout my life, I’ve filled journal after journal   and the moment that you stepped into my life I became a blank page   one that I could not seem to fill   you rendered me speechless... Continue Reading →

Heart full of Tangled Emotions

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Howl in hysterics

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I dance my way onward

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Woman Scorned

you may think hell hath no fury like a woman scorned but I tell you it is not the fury you need to be afraid of you may think the hurricane the damage the destruction is what causes your fear your angst your panic but I tell you fear the calm after the storm fear... Continue Reading →

Goals for 2018

Facing the end of 2017 means a lot of different things to me.  I started this journey in 2014, moving to Southern California alone almost on a whim when I got accepted into a nursing program.  2014 was a year of changes for me.  It was a year of GIANT decisions.  It was a year... Continue Reading →

Hydration at its Finest

Does anyone  else have a weird quirk about their water bottles?  I have always been very picky about my water bottles and I have gone through many, many, many, trials and errors.   This topic may be trivial to most, but I went through a long journey to find a "perfect" water bottle.  In my twenties,... Continue Reading →

Tame Me

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The war between what I “believe” to be true

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Lost Hills

Exit to the lost hills it said   Eerie it sounds Terrifying to most But somehow My first thought was I’d like to go there How scary could the lost hills be When I’m already lost Inside of me When I’ve been running blind for years There’s comfort in those lost hills Where one is... Continue Reading →

When you think you see me

When she comes It may be indistinguishable to you You glance at me And I smile back in return Not one dew drop on my skin You imagine to yourself what kind of life I may have You imagine the cupcakes I must eat for dinner You imagine the sugar and spice I must sprinkle... Continue Reading →

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