Don’t lift me up to drop me 

I wrote this poem September 27, 2016

I had found a happiness  but  with the same breath of this poem, and the fear of losing the love, I eventually let my anxiety tear apart what had become amazing.

Don’t you lift me up to drop me…

Don’t you dare fill me to the brim just to knock me over

The time it took to fill me

Drip by drip

Compliment after affection

Good deed after kisses on foreheads

Factor in the evaporation  equation

The occasional sip

Don’t you dare resuscitate this dying heart of mine

Just to pull the plug as I dream

As the pressure builds within my chest and the butterflies

Fling themselves against the walls of my thoracic cavity

Please don’t  intubate me

When its apparent that I can’t catch my breath

Don’t be afraid that I will detonate as the pressure becomes to strong for me to contain

Don’t be fooled

As you auscultate erb’s point

Pulse bounding

Palms sweaty

This sensation makes me fearful

But, fearful of amazing,

Is mountains above numb

Please don’t feel the sensation of a saturated cloud

And pray for rain

Because I have thirsted for this since the day

I thought I knew love

Only to realize that what I thought was love

Would be dim in comparison to yours

So please don’t fill my cup just to tip it over

Runneth over the bedside table

Soak into the carpet

Stepped on



Until all that’s left is the spatter