And her name is …..

You run rampant
Like a storytelling tinker bell
Fluttering around my ear
Beautiful maleficent
The tulle off your tutu
Making me sneeze
As it grazes my nose

But I can’t see when I sneeze
Eyes closed shut
Head down

I could crash a car
If I sneeze when driving

I could trip on the sidewalk
With my eyes wide shut

I could impale my heart with the knife I gave him
As I run into his arms for

Oh. You.
Aerobic fabricator
Whispers of all that is worse
Shoulder to shoulder
Fairy dust sprinkled
Generously within my ears

I had you caged once
Journey to get there
As you slipped from between my grasp

Like a hummingbird
You dodged my efforts
Like the sweet nectar that you drink
You fluidly evaded my need to rid of you.

But once I had you caged ..
I held you there
you manipulative serpent
Like a siren you call
To crash my ship among the lies u spread
To drown in my own dreams
To sink in my own depression

Mounted with armor
I made sure your calls would not reach me
Your hums would not penetrate my ears

But then he unknowingly set you free
Too tempted by the sirens calls
Maybe too blinded by your camouflage

Both of us
Running around breathless
Trying to tie you down
But soon he’s too tired to breathe

He says to me
She’s my problem
He says to me
It is not his battle to face
He says to me
His love alone can give me the strength to beat her
But energy for this war
He has none

How will I restrain her this time
It took much to much before
Cuz her wings are hypnotizing
Her gaze so piercing
Blinding my ears
I turn away but hunger for more

What if, what she speaks is truth
What if, I assume lies
Reality is, she possesses
A third eye
What if, she’s protecting me from heartbreak
What if, he ran away because she is right

Her sirens song
Confusing me
From what my heart knows
From what my mind thinks
she is A temptress
I must lasso her in
As love is my witness

She will not defeat me