I Can’t Be Mad At You

I can’t be mad at you You stole my heart  You tricked me  . . . I can’t be mad at you  I walked toward you with a veil over my eyes  You led me blindly  You robbed me  . . . And I let you  . . . How can I be mad at... Continue Reading →

You Are No Longer Mine

I read somewhere  That you were no longer mine  . . That you finally opened up your heart  And honestly, It was about time . . I read somewhere  That you no longer belonged to me . . That our memories  Are no longer cherished  It’s not my heart that holds your key  . .... Continue Reading →

That Could Be Me

I saw her scars  Evidence of a life  Where great just wasn’t good enough Where She was always just one nip away from perfect  One tuck away from perfection  One stitch away from happiness  I saw  her eyes of desperation  As she picked at things I could not see  Although I was happy to oblige ... Continue Reading →


I wish I could make it stop  I do  It’s like Playing jenga Trying to figure out the puzzle when it was already whole to begin with  Every piece  A clue that I must pull out and dissect  poking holes through my own logic  Seeing through my own thoughts  Piling on top of each other ... Continue Reading →

With All My Heart

With all my heart  I want you in my life forever I want you there to rock me when I’m sick I want you there, for me to cradle when you’re lonely.  I want forever with you I want always with you I want your laugh  And your anxiety  I have endless questions  And I... Continue Reading →

You Aren’t My Type

You arent my type  You are bland to my taste buds  You are too clear  Too obvious  Too transparent  I read you like crystal  You just aren’t my type  You, tall glass of refreshment  Meant to quench my thirst  Hydrate my dry desert skin  But I do not trust you  Or maybe,  I trust you... Continue Reading →

So, This is What it Feels Like…

He looked at me while I spoke  Eyes burning into my own  Not an empty gaze  But strong, with intent  I knew the words coming from my mouth were nonsense  The topic, trivial  Just one of those conversations that Quite honestly,  Could have never happened  And it wouldn’t have changed a thing in the world ... Continue Reading →


When I met you  Early on  You filled with me with so much hope  We dreamt together  About our future  About our goals  Where this life would lead us  All the paths  we could take The possibilities endless  But you turned on me  Devious  Maniacal  Sadistic  You stole all my desires  And locked me within... Continue Reading →

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