All Of A Sudden I Hear Your Voice

Flipping through the stationary pictures
Smelling the dress you left behind
Reading the words you left on paper
Collecting the scraps of what is left of you

All of a sudden I hear your voice
Radiating from the pinpoint speakers of my phone

I hear your laughter

I hear you giggle

Tears streamed from my eyes

But I must say

It was such a



Fandago’s One Word Challenge





via The Daily Post: Uncompromising


Faceless joker

Hooded creature


Core laugher

Ice cold hugger


Uncompromising dealer

Indian giver

I said I want to make you a deal

Give her more time

You can have mine

Do not walk away from me

Eyeless sockets

Do not look away from my glare

You are not free from handicap

I see you do not glide like history portrays you

The scythe you carry

Brings fear to those

whose clock chimes

It’s time to meet you

I see

It is not a weapon

It is your aid

You are not free from decline and decay


Faceless joker

It is not a joke to me

Deal I said

Just compromise

I beg you

Don’t take her from me


Hooded creature

Heartless monster

Uncompromising dealer

I said

I want to make a deal


Fact : daily word prompt

You awoken the fire inside of me – FACT


You lifted me higher than I had ever been – FACT


I had never felt more beautiful than when I was in your arms – FACT


And yet


You broke me – FACT


You didn’t just not catch me when I fell

You dropped me – FACT


You reminded me that I was fire

And then made me feel as though

That fire just wasn’t enough – FACT


But amidst the flames

The soot

The smoke


I was reborn – FACT


And I love the person you reminded me that I am



Puzzled – one word prompt

I watch him

As he leaves you Puzzled

When together

I glare with a little envy

The way he caresses your face

The way he holds your hand

Appearing as though he is the luckiest man in the world

Kisses as though he needs you

Guides you as though he wants to protect you from harm

But the spin of the earth around the sun

And he transforms

Like a werewolf on a full moon

His voice


Sharp as knives to hurt you

Spits like daggers

Piercing words to break your heart

Speaks as though he’s okay with a life without you

It doesn’t matter if he sleeps alone

He doesn’t care who hurts you

His puzzled heart loves

No one

We are all Liars to some Extent


via Daily Prompt: Fraud

We are all liars to some extent





I know I lie

Every day

That I tell the world that I am okay

I lie with every picture that I take

The smile

As if I’m happy

The laugh

As if I know laughter


The posts of how I’m studying hard

Hiding the fear I have of failing



You lie

With every breath that you tell me you love me

Because how could you

When you do not know me


You lie

When you tell me not to worry

Because I see the fear in your very eyes


They lie

They lie when they tell you that life is easy

Yet their pillows hold that secrets that they fail to share

Saturated with the tears they do not speak of


I apologize because although I do not wish to be

I am a fraud

I forgive you because although I know in my heart that

You mean me no harm

You are a fraud

I cry for them

because they are unaware

They are frauds


But if we are all liars

If we are all frauds in our own regard


Then aren’t we all just telling the truth?

Tame Me

via Daily Prompt: Tame


We knew what we were getting into

When we set ourselves on the path

Of falling in love

The stars sang it to be so

They said our skulls would be so thick

We wouldn’t hear the mumbles coming from each others lips

They said we would fight to be together

Yet our long horns would keep us distanced from the start

Our horns

They twist within each other

Entangle us

And as hard as we fought to be together

We fought just as hard to pull each other apart

They said

The fire in our hearts would draw us toward one another

Like moths to a flame

A fire we knew that enticed us

A fire we felt from each other

For each other

No one else was to blame

But as our fires grew

One had to engulf another

As we both burned so brightly

Unknowingly depleting all the oxygen

Until we could no longer breathe


Who would dare say it first ?


The war between what I “believe” to be true

via Daily Prompt: Believe


The war between what I believe to be true

And what my demons whisper

Take my faith on a whirlwind roller coaster

I am sorry that I hurt you

That I take your love

And your care

That I take your gentle caress

And each inch of effort that you make

I am sorry that I watch you as you grow

And sink into the warmth that is your gaze

Yet you still have to sing to me

believe me”

I cry to you

I’m so sorry

But I do…

The hilarious thing is

Deep down in my soul

Underneath all the cracks

Of broken

I believe you

But here I am asking you

Please tell me again

Remind me again that you love me

Remind me again that the love in your eyes

Land only on me

Sing to me again the song

That no other woman can replace me

Sing to me until your vocal cords snap

When you cannot sing anymore

Please baby write to me

Write to me love letters

Write to me the reasons you love every part of me

Write to me in beautiful script

Until your fingers bleed

Switch to your other hand

And baby write legibly

If I cannot read you

Honey, I cannot believe you

I see the agony I put you through

You do not deserve this certain uncertainty

You do not deserve my questions

My demands

you do not deserve  for me to beg of you

After every single sunrise

And before every single sunset



Make me believe”

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