Do Not Let That Monster Out

I wonder sometimes How you smile throughout the day As you live in your façade Preaching for others to live their life As you flaunt yours But Do not forget that I know What lies beneath your skin I know the creature being held back By your dental veneer jail cell The beautiful smile you... Continue Reading →

All Of A Sudden I Hear Your Voice

Flipping through the stationary pictures Smelling the dress you left behind Reading the words you left on paper Collecting the scraps of what is left of you All of a sudden I hear your voice Radiating from the pinpoint speakers of my phone I hear your laughter I hear you giggle Tears streamed from my... Continue Reading →

He Is My Full Moon, He shines Bright For Me

"Masochist!" you scream It’s the only definition you could think of For the reason she stays there, Unmoved "Must be some kind of pleasure she gets" You think, "to be teased as she does" You watch her Looking up at the dreams she has built Heart growing with each pump Practically glowing from her chest... Continue Reading →

Pit In My Stomach, Where It Seems My Heart Has found a New Home

Those moments reappear at times the most unexpected -Driving -Singing Like being hit by a semi Heart drops Tear drops Pit in my stomach Where it seems my heart Has found a new home She likes to find herself On this trampoline That feeling Flying And the loss of ground while falling Up Down Up... Continue Reading →

What I Really Wish, Is To Have You

Finally unpacking my life from April   Going through the nik-naks   Smelling your favorite dress   With no hint of you left on it   Just the aroma of packing boxes   Hint of dust   Filtering among the cherished   And the heartbroken   Pictures that I saw the day we laid you... Continue Reading →

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