It’s Where Your Compass Leads You

You said you dreamt of it once  . . a freckle  . . Like a kiss upon her thigh  . . It’s where all the roads are traveled  It’s where your compass leads you  . . It’s where the time goes  When it flies by  , , It winks at you  . . like a... Continue Reading →

Back To A Time

sifting through a box of old things Book after book pamphlet after pamphlet  treatise on anxiety and depression  . . . I am brought back to a time  when our lives were dictated by school bells  And seating charts  . . . Where one rumor  Became our entire world  And one heartbreak  Was announced through ... Continue Reading →

I Can’t Be Mad At You

I can’t be mad at you You stole my heart  You tricked me  . . . I can’t be mad at you  I walked toward you with a veil over my eyes  You led me blindly  You robbed me  . . . And I let you  . . . How can I be mad at... Continue Reading →


When I met you  Early on  You filled with me with so much hope  We dreamt together  About our future  About our goals  Where this life would lead us  All the paths  we could take The possibilities endless  But you turned on me  Devious  Maniacal  Sadistic  You stole all my desires  And locked me within... Continue Reading →

A World Surrounded Her That Was Always Somehow Unreachable

I looked her in the eye  And I told her how amazing she was I told her she was beautiful  I told her she was special  All she heard was  Her face lacked angles  All she felt was the way her tears fell from her eyes  At any hint of emotion   How she always... Continue Reading →

A Few Words I Know I’ll Never Hear

writing prompt from HITRECORD : A Few Things I Needed to Hear... From You I am sorry that I hated you  through your innocence  Every move you made Irked me to my core  And I had to make you feel it  I am sorry  I am sorry that I made him choose me When he... Continue Reading →

On Most Days

On most days She wakes up hours before I do She jumps on my chest Searing pain Breathless  On most days I’m too tired to take her to the park She barks at me  Begging  “I’m boooored”  I can hear her thinking  On most days  I know she deserves more  She looks at me She... Continue Reading →

That Much I Know

With so much unknown in the world today There is an abundance of  Fear Sadness Confusion With a reality so new to us  There is an overflowing amount of  Resistance Question Panic  The FACT of the matter is despite what anyone says There is definite  Loss  Loss of what life once was Loss of loved... Continue Reading →

Green With Envy

They do not know I see them I spy on them, green with envy As I cling on to the ledge Heavy with the burden  and no ground to land on All my strength just so that I could see, everything unattainable to me. Write a story or poem of 5 Lines or Less Use the picture and/or the word spy as... Continue Reading →

This Fickle Heart Of Mine

The first thing that came to mind  When reading the word VAULT Was the inner workings of my heart  Code to crack  Difficult to get in Thick walls  But nearly indestructible  My vault of a heart  Holds all my deepest secrets  All my memories  All my pain  Sometimes it’s  Stronger than it’s own good  Barring... Continue Reading →

Isn’t It Curious

The universe tends to work in very mysterious ways  Breadcrumbs  nudges  Whispers  To the right direction  Sometimes it is the direction we desire  Sometimes it’s in the direction that breaks your heart  But it is very curious  The way that the universe tends to work  When we ask it For answers  #Fandango's One Word Challenge... Continue Reading →

The Thorns On My Salvation

They walk past me with mournful eyes Shaking their heads in disappointment “Why do you hold on so tight?  The thorns piercing your skin?  Your blood dripping so bright?” They do not understand There is no need to die  Giving them my last breath  As I lay him down Tuck him in  And shower him... Continue Reading →


Every morning the sun would rise  Every morning  That sun rose with pride  Boasting in his brightness  Full and larger than life  He thought to himself  “Every night, they are saddened with darkness,  Every morning, they need me to light their way,  I am what they wait for as their head touches their pillow, My... Continue Reading →

A Flowered Crown Upon My Head

Walking along the stoney path Fingers grazing the brick bridge wall  I hear her humming  The most feminine tune  And I wonder what beauty I might befall  I peer across O’ I am so lucky to see  And angel prancing along the meadow  But then she stops to look at me  The heat within me... Continue Reading →

Underneath the Billowing Sea

Sitting upon the dock one day I stared out into the ocean Deep blue waters Swelling with each wave And appeared such a notion The fear of what is down there Underneath the billowing sea The fear of what is buried, deep inside of me What creatures linger ? What monsters hide ? As I... Continue Reading →

All Of A Sudden I Hear Your Voice

Flipping through the stationary pictures Smelling the dress you left behind Reading the words you left on paper Collecting the scraps of what is left of you All of a sudden I hear your voice Radiating from the pinpoint speakers of my phone I hear your laughter I hear you giggle Tears streamed from my... Continue Reading →


via The Daily Post: Uncompromising You Faceless joker Hooded creature You Core laugher Ice cold hugger You Uncompromising dealer Indian giver I said I want to make you a deal Give her more time You can have mine Do not walk away from me Eyeless sockets Do not look away from my glare You are... Continue Reading →


Fact : daily word prompt You awoken the fire inside of me - FACT   You lifted me higher than I had ever been - FACT   I had never felt more beautiful than when I was in your arms - FACT   And yet   You broke me - FACT   You didn't just... Continue Reading →

Puzzled – one word prompt

I watch him As he leaves you Puzzled When together I glare with a little envy The way he caresses your face The way he holds your hand Appearing as though he is the luckiest man in the world Kisses as though he needs you Guides you as though he wants to protect you from... Continue Reading →

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