Puzzled – one word prompt

I watch him

As he leaves you Puzzled

When together

I glare with a little envy

The way he caresses your face

The way he holds your hand

Appearing as though he is the luckiest man in the world

Kisses as though he needs you

Guides you as though he wants to protect you from harm

But the spin of the earth around the sun

And he transforms

Like a werewolf on a full moon

His voice


Sharp as knives to hurt you

Spits like daggers

Piercing words to break your heart

Speaks as though he’s okay with a life without you

It doesn’t matter if he sleeps alone

He doesn’t care who hurts you

His puzzled heart loves

No one

The chaos calms me

An introvert in all aspects

But a fire in my heart

I love to sit within the madness

Watch in utter calmness

All the while

A storm brews around me

Chaos within all four corners

Hectic vibrations

And some how

It creates a tunnel for me to focus

Like the noise forms a bubble in which I am able to

Hear my own thoughts

But filter what I need

Silence is deafening

Too much space to let my thoughts run wild

Too many paths for my imagination to run rampant

Too much quiet for my mind to absorb

My calm is within the chaos

My safety is within the lack of silence

My happiness

Is feeling the world around me

More than feeling the emotions within myself

All I Ask

All I ask

Is that when I am in my darkest hour

You remain my light

When I have no words

For what aches inside me

And tears fall without reason

Don’t turn to anger

Don’t question my love for you

My love for you does not wane

But All I ask

Is that when I am frozen in silence

Know there is a hurricane inside me

When my hands are clasped

As though I’d like to strangle my fingertips

Please help them breathe

Hold them gently

Cradle them warmly

For I do not mean them any harm

When you see that I am not breathing

Holding my breath

Staring out into nowhere

Just know

My mind is racing through a thousand different thoughts per minute

That one thought snowballs into more thoughts and bigger thoughts to giant ideas

Spinning so fast

Playing pictures in my mind

Scenarios that may never exist

All I ask

Is for you to slow me down

Bring me back to reality

Find a way into my eyes

Bring me back to a standstill

Because when I am lost in darkness

When I sit as though my smile has run away from me

I will need you to remind me

That I am strong

Coffee to my anxiety

You are the coffee to my anxiety


Syrupy sweet

Masked by the product that brings most life

Awakening aroma


Are exactly what I need

To pick me up

When I am dragging on the ground

Yet you

Bring on the palpitations


Give me a pit in my stomach

Maybe butterflies

Maybe fear

But I cannot wake up without you

I don’t feel like smiling without you in my system

You are the coffee to my anxiety

I crave you

Addicted to you

But you are no good for me

Seeing the lost in his eyes

As he asked her for help

I knew it wasn’t easy

Pride aside

Ego tucked in

But she couldn’t bother to

Look up

The selfish way that she rushed to finish her laundry

Earbuds in

No worry about the pain in another man’s heart

No worry about the confusion and embarrassment

As he stared at the machines


I yearned to help him

With the words just seconds away from spilling out of my heart

someone else came to the rescue

What happened to this man

Old enough to be my grandfather

Seemingly, doing laundry for the first time

Language barrier


There was a pain behind his eyes

Was it because he had lost his wife?

Starting over?

New life?

Is he missing that other half?

Dearly departed?

Is that why he stands here tonight?

Maybe broken-hearted ?

She couldn’t even look up from her life to see the lost in his eyes

Those were my thoughts in my mind after seeing him that night