Puzzled – one word prompt

I watch him As he leaves you Puzzled When together I glare with a little envy The way he caresses your face The way he holds your hand Appearing as though he is the luckiest man in the world Kisses as though he needs you Guides you as though he wants to protect you from... Continue Reading →

The chaos calms me

An introvert in all aspects But a fire in my heart I love to sit within the madness Watch in utter calmness All the while A storm brews around me Chaos within all four corners Hectic vibrations And some how It creates a tunnel for me to focus Like the noise forms a bubble in... Continue Reading →

All I Ask

All I ask Is that when I am in my darkest hour You remain my light When I have no words For what aches inside me And tears fall without reason Don't turn to anger Don't question my love for you My love for you does not wane But All I ask Is that when... Continue Reading →

Coffee to my anxiety

You are the coffee to my anxiety You Syrupy sweet Masked by the product that brings most life Awakening aroma You Are exactly what I need To pick me up When I am dragging on the ground Yet you Bring on the palpitations You Give me a pit in my stomach Maybe butterflies Maybe fear... Continue Reading →

Seeing the lost in his eyes

As he asked her for help I knew it wasn't easy Pride aside Ego tucked in But she couldn't bother to Look up The selfish way that she rushed to finish her laundry Earbuds in No worry about the pain in another man's heart No worry about the confusion and embarrassment As he stared at... Continue Reading →

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