Every morning

the sun would rise 

Every morning 

That sun rose with pride 

Boasting in his brightness 

Full and larger than life 

He thought to himself 

“Every night, they are saddened with darkness, 

Every morning, they need me to light their way, 

I am what they wait for as their head touches their pillow,

My absence is what they dread as the day passes by” 

As 12 O’clock approaches he inflates to take up as much of the sky as he can

It is not to be egotistical 

He does not shine bright because he thinks he is the center of the universe 

O’ sun 

All he feels is joy 

The assumption that he is all we need to survive 

He doesn’t realize that 


As he stands tall 

As he holds strong 

Some of us wilt 

Some of us dry 

Some of us fall beneath the light 

And some of us die


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