Seeing the lost in his eyes

As he asked her for help

I knew it wasn’t easy

Pride aside

Ego tucked in

But she couldn’t bother to

Look up

The selfish way that she rushed to finish her laundry

Earbuds in

No worry about the pain in another man’s heart

No worry about the confusion and embarrassment

As he stared at the machines


I yearned to help him

With the words just seconds away from spilling out of my heart

someone else came to the rescue

What happened to this man

Old enough to be my grandfather

Seemingly, doing laundry for the first time

Language barrier


There was a pain behind his eyes

Was it because he had lost his wife?

Starting over?

New life?

Is he missing that other half?

Dearly departed?

Is that why he stands here tonight?

Maybe broken-hearted ?

She couldn’t even look up from her life to see the lost in his eyes

Those were my thoughts in my mind after seeing him that night

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