On Most Days

On most days

She wakes up hours before I do

She jumps on my chest

Searing pain


On most days

I’m too tired to take her to the park

She barks at me 


“I’m boooored” 

I can hear her thinking 

On most days 

I know she deserves more 

She looks at me

She tilts her head 

All the leverage she has on me 

She cuddles 

She wants to be loved

And I know I have to be the best me 

So that I can be the best for her

#FOWC word of the day “leverage”

Where is this place I want to see ?

Odd that it seems like a place of perfection 

Empty valley 

Like a cave within the ground 

High walls made of grass 

Sun touching every surface 

Except the one place right in the middle 

One tree 

Providing much needed protection from the light

I want to lay there 

I want to lay there all day

With my dog

And a ball