via The Daily Post: Uncompromising


Faceless joker

Hooded creature


Core laugher

Ice cold hugger


Uncompromising dealer

Indian giver

I said I want to make you a deal

Give her more time

You can have mine

Do not walk away from me

Eyeless sockets

Do not look away from my glare

You are not free from handicap

I see you do not glide like history portrays you

The scythe you carry

Brings fear to those

whose clock chimes

It’s time to meet you

I see

It is not a weapon

It is your aid

You are not free from decline and decay


Faceless joker

It is not a joke to me

Deal I said

Just compromise

I beg you

Don’t take her from me


Hooded creature

Heartless monster

Uncompromising dealer

I said

I want to make a deal

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