Crescent Moon

As you walk in the door

You see me


I am not so sure what gave it away

Face turned downward

Quiet speech


You ask me what is wrong with a sincerity

That breaks my heart


I have no idea really

It is a multitude of things

It is maybe one minute detail

It is possibly just a thought

That decided to turn my day completely upside down


On the drive

I have retreated to my space

Fingers intertwined

Looking onward


Thoughts like the cars on the speedway

Blue like watching the diamond sink

To the depths of the ocean


You reach for me

Yet I am limp

Not fighting against you

But not fighting for you


All this sadness

With not one answer as to why


On and on we drive

Destination unsure

But hope in your heart


The trees part

And the crescent moon greets me


I am not so sure what it is

But it feels like

a slow deep breath

It feels like

Palms huddled around a bonfire

Like a lamp radiating its warmth upon me


I feel peace


I think to myself

It is the universe reminding me

That I have a happy ending


It is the sky telling me that I am not alone


It is the man on the moon

Singing to me that everything will be alright


It is magic


It is all magical creatures being alive

Fairies fluttering within the weeping willows

Leprechauns scurrying beneath the hills

Its mermaids splashing in the ocean

Its dragons protecting their gold


When that crescent moon says hello to me

It tells me that there is hope in this life

It reminds me that someone loves me

And I unclasp my hands

And I reach out for his

Because I need to be his crescent moon

I need to be his magic

And He needs to know

I love him too


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