Tame Me

via Daily Prompt: Tame


We knew what we were getting into

When we set ourselves on the path

Of falling in love

The stars sang it to be so

They said our skulls would be so thick

We wouldn’t hear the mumbles coming from each others lips

They said we would fight to be together

Yet our long horns would keep us distanced from the start

Our horns

They twist within each other

Entangle us

And as hard as we fought to be together

We fought just as hard to pull each other apart

They said

The fire in our hearts would draw us toward one another

Like moths to a flame

A fire we knew that enticed us

A fire we felt from each other

For each other

No one else was to blame

But as our fires grew

One had to engulf another

As we both burned so brightly

Unknowingly depleting all the oxygen

Until we could no longer breathe


Who would dare say it first ?


10 thoughts on “Tame Me

    1. awe thank you @shreyarvj ❤ I fell in love with another aries , and its a roller coaster for sure. never a dull day lol. I remember reading once that 2 aries together would either be completely amazing, or complete destruction. In the 3 years that we have been together, its been a mix of both.


      1. Aries are dynamic. Their personality is so strong that two Aries together would either combine or explode when they collide, and that’s what it makes it so unique. I wish both of you a beautiful life ahead with lots of love, excitement and of course, free pizza.

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  1. I love that you incorporated your sign into this! With Aries being a fire sign your poem makes so much sense. It’s beautiful. I’ve always admired Aries’ for being untamed and wild. Being a Taurus, my horns tend to clash with others sometimes, too. Love it.

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    1. thank you so much ❤️
      When I saw the word of the day “tame” … putting out an Aries fire was the first thing that came to mind. And I have had times in my life where I felt like ….. a candle whose flame was about to flicker out… and I hated that feeling. I have many Taurus friends that are dear to my heart… to me they have always been so calm and happy but I would see flashes of that stubborn bull come out ❤️
      Thanks for reading!!! 💋

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