Woman Scorned

you may think

hell hath no fury

like a woman scorned

but I tell you

it is not the fury

you need to be afraid of

you may think

the hurricane

the damage

the destruction

is what causes

your fear

your angst

your panic

but I tell you

fear the calm after the storm

fear the silence

panic when all you hear

is your own solitary breath

because honey

at least while the hurricane demolishes

while the ride is tumultuous

you are fighting for something

you are struggling for a life

you are holding on for one second more

of the life you lived

when that disaster leaves

you may be able to breathe

for a second

you may be able to see

and then

you realize

she left with everything you

had ever known

everything you loved

and you lay alone within the rubble

sitting in the calm after the storm

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