We are all Liars to some Extent


via Daily Prompt: Fraud

We are all liars to some extent





I know I lie

Every day

That I tell the world that I am okay

I lie with every picture that I take

The smile

As if I’m happy

The laugh

As if I know laughter


The posts of how I’m studying hard

Hiding the fear I have of failing



You lie

With every breath that you tell me you love me

Because how could you

When you do not know me


You lie

When you tell me not to worry

Because I see the fear in your very eyes


They lie

They lie when they tell you that life is easy

Yet their pillows hold that secrets that they fail to share

Saturated with the tears they do not speak of


I apologize because although I do not wish to be

I am a fraud

I forgive you because although I know in my heart that

You mean me no harm

You are a fraud

I cry for them

because they are unaware

They are frauds


But if we are all liars

If we are all frauds in our own regard


Then aren’t we all just telling the truth?

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