Hydration at its Finest

Does anyone  else have a weird quirk about their water bottles?  I have always been very picky about my water bottles and I have gone through many, many, many, trials and errors.   This topic may be trivial to most, but I went through a long journey to find a “perfect” water bottle.  In my twenties, I discovered the double walled water bottle and I was in love.  The double wall prevents sweating, which is amazing because that means, you electronics aren’t in danger if everything is in your backpack and your desk doesn’t end up with a puddle.  My issue with most water bottles, was the size wasn’t big enough and I knew that if I had to keep refilling the bottle, the less likely I was to drink the amount of water I was trying to drink.

Another thing that was important to me was that I needed a straw lid because I loved Ice water, room temperature water doesn’t taste very good, but the ice was too cold for my teeth if it were get into my mouth.  Silly, I know, but it was still a point in my journey for the “perfect” water bottle.

Obviously, another gigantic thing for ice water lovers, is that the ice doesn’t automatically start melting as soon as you step outside, so I had to look for a water bottle that was well insulated as well.  I thought I had an almost perfect water bottle and I started attempting this healthier lifestyle, packing my lunch, overnight oats for breakfast, a protein shake for a snack, a water bottle, and of course, I needed my coffee in the morning.  This lifestyle change became oddly challenging when I was carrying a lunchbox with 3 giant bottles in it.  Shake, water, coffee.  I started thinking, maybe if I could find a water bottle that also had the ability to carry hot liquids AND had no flavor transfer, I would be in heaven.  I don’t know if you have ever attempted this and realized that you were drinking coffee flavored ice water, it’s not really an enjoyable experience on a daily.

So, if I made a check list, my “perfect” water bottle would be or would have…


  • Double walled (no sweating)
  • Straw lid (+ interchangeable lids)
  • Insulated (ice stays ice)
  • Multi use (cold / hot)
  • No flavor transfer
  • Large size (over 20oz)



Now [insert heavenly chime noise], I have found a water bottle that checks every box.  The only downside is, it was a little bit more on the expensive side.  With shipping and everything, it came out to about $60 for a 40oz bottle.


*FYI, I tested the flavor transfer.  I had hot coffee in it, all day, I rinsed it out.. And put ice water.. NO TASTE OF COFFEE, NO SMELL OF COFFEE … it was a dream ❤


Okay…. Nerdy rant of the day over ….


Thanks for reading ❤

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