I dance my way onward

rediscovering what life is like

in a world

devoid of your presence


the ability to live a life

where not every minute

every moment

of my day

is engrossed

in thinking about what you need

with you missing from my life

you would think my days would feel


I was terrified that

the hole in my heart that you filled

would be again hollow

but I am taken aback,

astonished even,

that my heart is not vacant

it is filled with the ability

to love myself again

my days are no longer

light steps


the cracking of an eggshell

my moments are no longer chained

by the restrictions

of your opinions

your stares

your disapproval

my ears are filled with music

the melody of being able to be myself

the song of a woman

who calls her shots

who makes her moves

who learns to move on

my floors are rugged

because I no longer tip toe

through my life

I stomp my way through

I dance my way onward

and although I miss you

the rediscovery

of who I am

the unearthing

of what makes me truly happy

is enough to make me smile

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