Dating Someone with Anxiety

-A boyfriend’s Advice

On a different post, I will dive into details about my journey with anxiety, but right now I feel like this is a post I really want to make.  What I want to say from the start is that, I am also new to anxiety, in the sense that, my awareness of it’s giant impact on my life and my actions is not even a year old.  This video that I am sharing, posted by Day By Daysia on YouTube, is a video that  I stumbled upon while scrambling to find ways to get my boyfriend to understand even a crumb of what I go through and what I need before we completely fell apart.

I want to make it clear though, that I am no way saying that this advice is the end all and be all for All people that have anxiety.  I know that everyone needs something different and expresses their anxiety in different ways.

That being said, for me personally, this video saved my life.  Not every point being made applies directly to me.  But I’ve seen it apply to people I love that suffer from anxiety as well.

Listening to this guy’s list, I learned a lot about myself and what I struggle with.  I felt less alone, hearing that another couple has dealt with the same struggles and have pulled through.  And I felt like I had something in my possession that could help open my boyfriends eyes.

According to Daysia’s boyfriend, these are some tips that he has learned along they way, after falling in love with her.

FYI: The volume on the video is very low, so you may need headphones to hear.

For a partner to someone with anxiety:

  1. Have patience
  2. Don’t judge them for something they can’t control
  3. Break down walls
  4. “your partner’s spoons”
  5. Learning to read a room
  6. Little things/gifts or gestures
  7. Being available
  8. Do not tell them to relax
  9. Stay calm

For me, patience and being available are probably the biggest thing that seem to calm my anxieties.  It’s also very important for my partner to stay calm because if he doesn’t, then we are both feeding off of this escalating energy.  That’s never good and can lead to an explosion.

I’d love to hear anyone’s opinion to this video.  I’d love to hear any tips anyone has from their own experiences .

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