I hear the crack in her voice when she calls

The happiness to hear me speak

And the instant regret that I answered

Because she will never see me again


She rushes off to say “I love you”

And hangs up the phone


I am already in tears by the time I say hello


My love for you spans oceans

And I am not ready for a goodbye


There will never be a right scenario

There will never be a perfect moment


I will never be okay

To having a sunrise without you on this earth

Saying goodbye with your hand in mine

Singing goodbye across the seas


Goodbye is a song that will never be okay

With me


We hardly speak now

For as I am rising

You are deep in dreams


The last time we saw each other

I did not want to pry you from my grasp

Yet we both stood strong




As I hugged you

As I waved

As I looked on


Cars drifting apart



As you flew farther and farther from me

My heart pulled like a magnet

I wanted you back

Knots in my throat


Please don’t let that be the last time

I am not ready to say goodbye


I hope that you know how deeply your blood runs through my veins

I hope you know, that you are the one person I love the most


My heart swells because of the love that you have given me throughout my lifetime


Every kiss you planted on my forehead

Every time you wrapped me and coddled me when I was sick


Trips to the library, while you listened to me read to you


You are the definition of what my heart is filled with

And I will not know how not to cry

When you are gone


Please don’t tell me that was our last



Because I need you here

Every morning

To say



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