somewhere deep inside of me

Somewhere deep inside of me

There is a glimmer of hope

A spark of life

An anchor

Keeping me grounded

Just to you


Somewhere deep inside of me

Under years of confusion

Beneath the rubble of many long fought wars

Buried within the ashes of the reborn phoenix

As it bursts into flames and is reborn again and again


Somewhere in this body of mine

Lost among the towers of memories

The emotions that I hoard

There is a tether


Constructed of diamonds

Embedded in titanium


Followed all the way to the end

And it is you


But how

How can I breathe

When I am saturated full with my tears

Dehydrated from the loss of my efforts

And drowning from my lungs brimming

With the need to scream


How will we survive

When the lack of windows

And my boiling blood

Create an atmosphere so dense

Most times we are so blinded

We cannot see


How will we push forward when beneath all the garbage

Mold is growing, overwhelmingly so

We are silently poisoning ourselves

We will one day be so nauseatingly sick

The sight of each other will undoubtedly

Bring us straight to our knees



Explain to me


We can either

Suffocate within the flames

Drag each other down


We can spend a lifetime

Trying to find our way

Untying our knots

Tripping over the piles of bad dreams

Search for all the keys to unlock all the locks


Scrambling to find the exit sign on different ends of this room

Stomping on top of  each other as we fight to find our  way there




We can box up the nightmares

Send them off to, who cares where

Sweep up the ashes

Into urns

Place them on mantles

To remind us that we have been through it all

And yet we are still here


Not just to survive

But to survive  together

Each urn

A decorated trophy

We have been through the worst

Yet this tether has shown no wear


We can pack up the memories

Store them in a place not to be forgotten

But to be forgiven

Because without them, who would we be,



We can give a good scrub

Buff the scars off of the floors

Wax the tile

So we can continue dancing

Without the friction of our history

Slowing us down


Because underneath all

The Bullshit

You are exactly who I want to call home



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