In My Darkest Moments, I Have Still been Someone’s light

Today, I was honored to be presented with the DAISY award at my job.  It is an award to thank nurses for their compassion and skill.  You are nominated by patients, their family members, staff, or anyone that experiences or observes your extraordinary compassionate care.  

I received a beautiful bouquet, A hand carved statue called “the healer’s touch”, Cinnabons for myself and my team, but what meant the most to me was being able to hear the words written from the patients that nominated me and how I made a difference in their hospital stay.  

Their words meant the world to me, because some days are harder than others.  Some days you are running around non stop for the entire 12 hour shift.  Some days you are hurting or stressed in your own personal life.  Some days, you really need your coffee but haven’t had time to get it.  But, when you step into that patients room, you have the potential to be the brightness in their darkest day.  

When I decided to get into nursing, THAT was the reason I said  I wanted to be a nurse, to make a difference in someone’s darkest moments, and show them compassion and spread love.  And for my first year working as an RN, it fills my heart completely to know that I have accomplished that.  That even in MY darkest moments, I have still been able to shine light on someone.   

I love my team, because in every stressful situation at work, I have had someone  offer to help, ask if I’m okay, or even take initiative to help before I could even ask.  I have never once felt alone and I have always felt their support on the days that I really needed it.  Being honored with the DAISY award doesn’t just mean that people have viewed me as a compassionate nurse, it means that I have a team that allows me to be capable of keeping my spirits high day in and day out.  They inspire me every shift, in the ways that I could improve and be better.  They give me the tools to never have an empty cup to pour from.  

Some days could definitely be harder than others.  But today I am reminded that every day is worth it. 

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