I may be nothing but a stranger

Never Silence the Madness

To the girl I met today,

I want you to know,

that I feel your torment.

In the way that you evade my eyes

in the way that your eyes gloss over

with the pink tinge of a girl that has cried

from the full of the moon

till it blessed us with its smile.

I know you are hurt.

I want you to know that you are not alone.

the crackle in your voice

caused by sobbing,

a throat, exhausted by the howling

I know that you are void of all happiness.

I have been there too.

your anger is too full right now,

your sadness is more

cavernous than the oceans combined,

but I am here

my small talk;

my attempts to distract you

from the agony you are feeling,

my venture to convince you that

I am right there beside you

I am trying to let you…

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