He Is My Full Moon, He shines Bright For Me

"Masochist!" you scream It’s the only definition you could think of For the reason she stays there, Unmoved "Must be some kind of pleasure she gets" You think, "to be teased as she does" You watch her Looking up at the dreams she has built Heart growing with each pump Practically glowing from her chest... Continue Reading →

Heart full of Tangled Emotions

how do you know you’re in love? with a head full of jumbled up thoughts and a heart stuffed with tangled emotions where does the thinking stop? where do the feelings begin? to feel as though- as though - and there I go…. not even knowing how to finish that sentence not being able to... Continue Reading →

When you think you see me

When she comes It may be indistinguishable to you You glance at me And I smile back in return Not one dew drop on my skin You imagine to yourself what kind of life I may have You imagine the cupcakes I must eat for dinner You imagine the sugar and spice I must sprinkle... Continue Reading →

And her name is …..

You run rampant Like a storytelling tinker bell Fluttering around my ear Beautiful maleficent The tulle off your tutu Making me sneeze As it grazes my nose But I can't see when I sneeze Eyes closed shut Head down I could crash a car If I sneeze when driving I could trip on the sidewalk... Continue Reading →

I may be nothing but a stranger

To the girl I met today, I want you to know, that I feel your torment.   In the way that you evade my eyes in the way that your eyes gloss over   with the pink tinge of a girl that has cried from the full of the moon till it blessed us with... Continue Reading →


This was also written on September 27 2016  The end of my last relationship heightened all kinds of insecurities.  "why wasn't I good enough? why didn't he want me?" I felt, unattractive, I felt, unwanted.  When I found myself on a dance floor and it brought back the feelings of happiness, and loving myself, and... Continue Reading →

Don’t lift me up to drop me 

I wrote this poem September 27, 2016 I had found a happiness  but  with the same breath of this poem, and the fear of losing the love, I eventually let my anxiety tear apart what had become amazing. Don’t you lift me up to drop me… Don’t you dare fill me to the brim just... Continue Reading →

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